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Flying Fox

Contributed by Ronald Byrd

The Flying Fox (real name Samantha Cronin) is one of the many super-heroes active in Astro City; the daughter of a senator and a political aide who was once the girlfriend of the 1950s super-hero Atomicus, she is relatively new to the hero business, and thus little about her activities has been revealed. She appeared at Astro City’s Comicon ’00 and was set to appear in a series of stories by Bulldog Comics before the company’s building vanished without a trace, and on one occasion she rescued a busload of schoolchildren from the street gang called the Bonebreakers. In her civilian identity, Samantha is openly gay and has a girlfriend named Kath, but in her identity as the Flying Fox she is only rumored to be a lesbian and has apparently not made a point of revealing her sexual orientation.

The Flying Fox possesses no superhuman powers but is an excellent athlete and fighter; she travels on a flying aero-cycle.

Flying Fox is created by Kurt Busiek and first appears in Astro City #21, vol 2 and is confirmed as lesbian during a conversation with her mother in Astro City: Local Heroes #2.

Art my Mark Buckingham from Astro City: A Visitor’s Guide.

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