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Flamingeaux is a drag queen who performs at the Napoleon Drag Hall in New Orleans. Logan, aka Wolverine, knew her in her former life when they were both working for a private security detail in Pakistan. Determined to forget her past, Flamingeaux spends most of her time these days at the bar–but when Logan showed up at her stage show one night, she put her performance on hold and went backstage with him.

Flamingeaux collected an assault rifle from her locker and charged into action alongside Wolverine to fight an unknown enemy.

So far Flamingeaux has only made one on-panel appearance in a brief two-page flashback, so there is much about her that remains unrevealed at this time.

Flamingeaux was originally created by Benjamin Percy for the Wolverine: The Lost Trail scripted podcast and was voiced by Terrence Clowe. The comics version first appeared in Wolverine vol.7 #25 by Benjamin Percy and Emma Kubert. Art by Emma Kubert and Guillermo Ortego.

Contributed by Mike McDermott

All rights reserved Marvel Entertainment

April 27, 2023
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