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Fauna and Syonide

Fauna’s brother, Faust, was a member of The Outsiders. Their father is Felix Faust who’s been defeated by the Justice League and other heroes numerous times. Felix attempted to channel mystic energies through his daughter in an attempt to gain more power for himself. The ritual backfired on Felix, and instead gave her the power to control animals.

The ginger haired Syonide  relies on the use of deadly weapons. She carries electrically charged whips, guns which fire poison or stun capsules or conventional bullets, and various concealed weapons as needed. In her first solo encounter against The Outsiders, she was sent as an agent by Tobias Whale, a nemesis of Black Lightning. Her mission was to track down Violet Harper also known as Halo and an Outsiders member. It appeared that Syonide was killed in battle by Halo’s father, Sam Harper. She apparently survived and met Fauna in some untold story. Syonide doesn’t appear to have escaped death a second time.

In Outsiders #16, the Eradicator gets control of her whip, lashes it around her throat, and she is electrocuted while Fauna is powerless to stop it. Fauna is magically whisked away off panel by her father. In a fit rage that Fauna failed to defeat her brother, Felix destroys her. In issue #19, Felix brings her back from the dead to fight against The Outsiders. The spell Felix cast backfires, and implodes, taking him with it. At the end of the story, Fauna seems at peace now that she no longer has to be a part of her father’s plans or live up to his expectations.

Fauna and Syonide first appeared together in The Outsiders #16, vol 2, as part of Strikeforce Kobra organized by Eve, Kobra’s paramour and servant. It should be noted two other characters bearing the same name appeared before this Syonide. The first is a male assassin who appeared in Tony Isabella and Trever Von Eeden’s Black Lightning (issues 6 & 7) and the second is a woman who first appeared in Flash #29 by Len Strazewski and Grant Miehm. This version is by Mike W Barr and Paul Pelletier. Art by Pelletier, Robert Campanella, and Gene D’Angelo.

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July 12, 2021
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