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Father’s Gay

Handmade cards, golf accessories, neck ties, steak grilled on a hot June afternoon. Those are the images that come to mind when thinking about a traditional Father’s Day. But then some of us uppity gay people started making families and those traditions, even the very fabric of society, were thrown into chaos and the “end times” are close at hand as conservatives want the world to believe. Likewise, Batman’s fictional world was thrown into chaos when confronted with the physical proof of fatherhood with the young boy Damian. It must be hell celebrating Mother’s and Father’s Day when your parents are Batman and Talia.

To mark Father’s Day, Ed Natcher created a parody of Damian’s moving in with daddy dear Batman. I hope you enjoy Ed’s gay romp as much I do.

Ed is a frequent contributer for Prism and you can read Ed’s most recent Prism contribution here.

Click on the images for large versions! Or go here if you don’t have/ don’t want a Flickr account.







June 25, 2010
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