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Faceoff is a costumed, urban vigilante operating in the London area. When writer Paul Cornell introduces Faceoff, he’s just one of the many costumed heroes and villains gathering at “The Time in a Bottle” pub’s “first Thursday of the month” affairs. This monthly event is a peaceful one because it’s shielded by Merlin’s “truce magic”, thanks to a statue of the wizard secured on the 400 year old building’s premises. Faceoff confronts newcomer Shrike, who’s being given a tour by Squire, after overhearing him make an offhand gay comment about a pair of villains. Definitely out and unashamed, he’s also a man who believes in the ends justifying the means, as we’re shown when writer Cornell reveals Faceoff conspired with Cornwall Boy to interfere with the truce mage by interrupting its source. Cornwall Boy was frustrated by his mentor Captain Cornwall’s heroic philosophy. If he’d succeeded in killing the Captain he’d have inherited his powers, which Cornwall Boy believes the Captain uses as “just a chance to dress up.” Faceoff, whose attitude and costume makes him a parody of gritty anti-heroes, simply wanted an opportunity to physically harm if not kill villains. Neither get their wishes. While Cornwall Boy is apprehended by Knight and Squire, Faceoff makes a getaway until he’s later enlisted in issue #6 to aid Knight and Squire in their plan to stop the Joker, to pursue his own vendetta against his wacky and non-lethal British counterpart, Jarvis Poker. Faceoff redeems himself of his shameful deeds and has yet to be seen again.

Faceoff first appeared an his sexual orientation is confirmed in Knight and Squire #1. Faceoff created by Paul Cornell and Jimmy Broxton. Art by Broxton and Guy Majors. The six issue mini was collected in Batman: Knight and Squire.

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July 12, 2021
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