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For a couple weeks now I’ve intended to read a webcomic titled Envelove but found myself dwelling in so many negative feelings about post election news as a new administration gears up to fling America into the abyss. I found my feelings had somewhat dissipated as the temperature outside dipped proving irrefutably that winter is coming, and that called for making a pot of Gunpowder tea. Actually two pots because friends came over and I was happy to find a heartwarming story when I sat down to read it a few hours later.

With two creators identifying as queer, Envelove is sure to be a queer friendly story! LeekFish came up with the comic’s idea and provides the art while Steve Streza is the writer. Envelove follows a young fairy named Aria as she fulfills her mission to bring love and happiness to people. Think of her as a modern day Cupid. Only instead of piercing people’s hearts with metaphorical arrows of live, Aria delivers magical envelopes which allow a person to see someone who they love or who loves them and she can also look into people’s hearts. Aria relies on the assistance of a magical companion of sorts in the form of a bird named Melody who can create or transport animate and inanimate objects. Both chapters show Aria bringing queer people together. We’re introduced to a couple other fairies who are tasked with different duties; Mari reunites friends and Eris delivers jealousy which isn’t the funnest of jobs and she aspires to better things! Look for some trouble ahead if Eris is anything like the Greek goddess of discord with whom she shares her name! LeekFish’s fairies are wide eyed, round faced cherubs cavorting in a fanciful world rendered in a decorative style. Envelove’s gentle and good natured tone is a refreshing antidote!

You can read Envelove here with updates every Tuesday. Try it with a hot cuppa lemon ginger tea if you don’t like Gunpowder or your favorite hot beverage! As of this writing the creators are partially into a second chapter (with six currently planned according to LeekFish) so you’ll catch up quickly and stay up to date!

Follow the comic and the creators on Twitter @EnveloveComic, @SteveStreza, @LeekFish

May 27, 2020
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