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Teenage super-sleuth Enola Holmes is back at it again!  Catching up with our heroine after the events in the popular Netflix film, readers will be taken right back into Enola’s world of adventure, mystery, and daring intrigue in ENOLA HOLMES: MYCROFT’S DANGEROUS GAME! Starring Millie Bobby Brown (Godzilla vs Kong, “Stranger Things”) as the young and brilliant Enola, the graphic novel features an original story that bridges the adventures of the first film with the highly anticipated sequel, Enola Holmes 2. Fans and new readers alike can connect with  Enola’s spunky story as she embarks on an adventure helping (and evading!)  her famous brothers –Sherlock and Mycroft (portrayed on page and screen by fan-favorite actors Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin). Picking up where  2020’s exceptionally popular film left off, readers and fans will join  Sherlock  Holmes’ rebellious teen sister Enola in a thrilling adventure and uncover the new mystery that she is up against. After a mysterious group of anarchists abducts her brother Mycroft, Enola investigates his disappearance in hopes of rescuing him and recovering something precious he took from her. With the help of Lord Tewkesbury and a young boy on the streets named Shag, she uncovers the truth behind her brother’s abduction and unravels a web of mystery that takes her deep into the London underground as she tries to foil the anarchists’ nefarious plot!

General Information

Publication date: October 11, 2022

Publisher: Legendary ComicsYA

Editor: Nikita Kannekanti

Format: Paperback/ Original Graphic Novel

Price: $17.99

ISBN13: 9781681160887

Page Count: 104

Fiction: Mystery/ThrillerAge: 10+

About the creators:

Mickey George (writer) is a writer and illustrator, whose debut graphic novel The Heart Hunter released from Legendary Comics in August 2021, and is working on her LGBTQ+ steampunk webcomic The King of Trouble. When not writing comics, she works at the library and writes game scripts for visual novel apps. She currently lives in Salt Lake City with two big dogs, and way, way too many books.

Giorgia Sposito (artist) is an Italian comic artist who has worked for several publishers. She started as an inker for IDW Publishing on Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time and Star Trek: Khan. Since then, she has worked as an artist for Zenescope Entertaiment (Charmed, the Wonderland series), Titan Comics (Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor series, The Many Lives of Doctor Who, and Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Vol 1: A New Beginning, and Dynamite Comics (Bettie Page & Apocatequil’s Ring). In 2019, she worked for Legendary Comics on Carnival Row: Sparrowhawk. She is currently working again with Legendary Comics on Enola Holmes and on a creator-owned project for Vault Comics.

About Legendary Comics YA

The Legendary Comics YA imprint is dedicated to telling original and character-driven stories across a wide array of genres. With a commitment to amplifying new voices, spotlighting diverse perspectives, and seeking out passionate talent telling authentic stories, the imprint gives emerging and veteran artists a platform to share stories never told before and retell classics from a new point of view, in hopes to transport readers to other worlds that span a range of genres, from fantasy to historical fiction, and beyond. Titles included in the slate are Championess (inspired by bare-knuckle boxer Elizabeth Wilkinson in eighteenth-century London from Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas); The Heart Hunter (a debut OGN from Mickey George, set on a cursed island where everyone is doomed to wear their heart on their sleeve and explore immortality, love and greed); Lupina(an orphaned girl raised by a wolf, goes on a quest for answers and revenge); The Witches of Silverlake (following Elliot Green and his coven of queer, teen witches in Los Angeles from singer-songwriter Simon Curtis)and Tragic (a retelling of Shakespeare’s Hamlet from a queer lens and told through the eyes of a 17-year-old girl).

October 3, 2022
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