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Emerald City’s All Gender Restrooms

We here at Gay League are a little late in commenting about Emerald City Comic Con’s recent announcement of its new public restrooms inclusion of all gender restrooms but we certainly applaud convention officials for its decision and efforts to provide safe facilities for all ECCC convention goers. We also agree with Tumblr user Cory who states in their blog that the limited number of all gender restrooms in the large venue covering two buildings is not enough and should be increased. Cory lists a number of scenarios that trans, gender fluid, and non binary identifying people are confronted with by male and female only facilities. I remember an incident some years ago attending an LGBT panel on the upper floor. Two straight men were ahead of me as I rushed into the closest washroom. They immediately did a double take when we all noticed a trans person (who had volunteered at Prism’s booth) standing at the sinks. My first thought was for their safety and thankfully these men walked out. These are legitimate concerns as you can see in this Mother Jones article on the phenomenon of “bathroom bills” being introduced in various state legislatures. Check out any number of conservative and evangelical forums when this topic comes up, and be prepared for ignorance, hate, and threats of violence and intimidation.

ECCC officials have taken a huge step in the right direction. We only think more all gender restrooms are necessary and we’re glad that ECCC is acknowledging all its fans and hope other comic convention venues will follow its lead.

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