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El Brujo

Contributed by Ronald Byrd

On an alternate earth in which North America is divided into several different territories, El Brujo (real name: Diego Escobar) is the super-hero of the Empire of Mexico; he has also appeared in at least one movie, “El Brujo and the Vampires from Venus.” Although many of his activities are staged for public relations, El Brujo proves his worth at a conference of super-heroes in New Orleans (Louisiana Free State), where he and several others help expose a terrorist plot to manipulate the various governments.

In the aftermath of a “hostage crisis” prior to leaving Mexico, El Brujo makes sexual overtures to reporters of both genders, indicating that he is a bisexual.

Like most other super-heroes on his Earth, El Brujo has no superhuman powers. During his staged crisis, El Brujo demonstrates excellent fighting skills, wields a gun, and uses smoke to make a theatrical entrance; precisely how well he would acquit himself in an unscripted conflict is unclear.

El Brujo first appeared and is confirmed as bisexual in Captain Confederacy #1. Created by Will Shetterly and Vince Stone. Art by Stone and Shetterly.

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