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Eden’s Mercy

Los Angeles, CA

“New LGBTQ Comic ‘Eden’s Mercy’ Kickstarter launches with Juné Manga and Velvet Toucher”

Japanese author and artist of “Lost in the Snow,” Velvet Toucher, has teamed up with Juné Manga to launch a Kickstarter campaign to crowd fund their joint yabara project “Eden’s Mercy.” This first volume of the series tells the story of Eden, a notorious mafia leader of the world’s first all homosexual gang. The 30 day campaign has an initial goal of 50k, which will cover the process of making an original work from start to finish and support the creator.

Velvet Touch has teamed up with Juné manga to launch her new series under the new “yabara” genre. Juné is known for being a publisher of the yaoi, or “boys love,” type of comics. Yaoi’s counterpart, “bara” came about to appeal to the homosexual male comic reader. The two audiences very scarcely overlap, but at their core they come from the same mutual interest of male-male driven stories. With heavy American influences, Velvet Toucher’s work can only be characterized as “yabara.” Her art style appeals to the yaoi communities, the LGBTQ communities, and indie comic book readers alike.

Set in a world very similar to our own, “Eden’s Mercy” tackles many current issues such as homophobia, transgender rights, and AIDs. Volume 1 is set to be around 100 pages full of a modern mafia’s involvement in violence, sex, and mystery.

“Velvet Toucher has really created something unique,” says editor Madison Grace, “She has made a comic that appeals to anyone who is a fan of mafia dramas and attractive men; which really, who isn’t?’

Juné aims to raise 50k within 30 days for the costs of editing, publishing, and supporting the creator. After the initial donation, backers can pledge additional funds to receive exclusive digital content and even have their involvement printed in the finalize book. Along with pledging to “Eden’s Mercy” backers can participate in multiple tiers which offer Juné and Velvet Toucher themed merchandise and books. Juné will also be printing 5 mafia themed manga titles that have been out of stock.

Juné has a successful history of funded Kickstarter campaigns like the previous Sakira Kickstarter to bring over 4 bara titles from Japan. Currently, Juné has produced many titles for the boys love community and now making strides in accumulating and acquiring more LGBTQ driven stories.

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May 27, 2020
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