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Duncan Locke & Brian Rogen

Duncan Locke and Brian Rogen are characters in the Locke & Key series by writer Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez. They are a couple and a study in contrasts. Duncan is the uncle of Bode, Kinsey, and Tyler, who after a tragic incident move from San Francisco to Lovecraft, Massachusetts with their mother Nina into the family estate known as Key House. Out of love and concern for his family, Duncan moves back into Key House for a few weeks to help them settle in to their new home and surroundings. Despite the concern he’s expressed, for example to Nina about her drinking in order not to face matters, he’s somewhat eager to return to the home he shares with Brian in Provincetown and to start teaching his art classes. Before leaving Duncan has a heart to heart talk with each of the kids to reassure them that their lives will get better. He and his niece and nephews seem to share a psychic bond. Duncan seems kind and generous by nature. Some years before when he and Brian had just started to date Duncan gave family friend Ellie Whedon either access to or ownership of part of the family estate’s land. Ellie’s mother who had been employed by the Lockes as a housekeeper has a low opinion of Duncan, calling him a “filthy little sodomite”. Unsurprisingly, the woman is generally bitter and spiteful.

The occasion on which we see Duncan and Brian together the first time is basically a date after work. Duncan is casually dressed in khakis and a V neck sweater over a tee shirt. Brian is dressed in a business suit with his matching tie loosened around the collar. Brian doesn’t seem the least bit empathetic to Duncan’s family situation and instead of going to a gay bar that might be “playing Cher or some other shit [he doesn’t] want to listen to” insists on going to a local dive bar with baseball playing on the TV. When Brian overhears two local women making bigoted remarks about gay people, Brian becomes confrontational despite Duncan trying to persuade him to leave. A fight breaks out and one of the women breaks a beer bottle across Duncan’s forehead which knocks him out. The women have left before the cops arrive at the bar to investigate. Brian seems moderately concerned about Duncan when Duncan briefly wakes up though his self centered, inconsiderate words after Duncan falls asleep reveal another side to Brian. As confrontational as Brian is, even he enough common sense to run when an intruder threatens to shoot him.

Duncan’s initial appearance is in issue #1 of the first Locke & Key series, collected as Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft . Brian’s first appearance is issue #3 of the second Locke & Key series, collected as Locke & Key: Head Games.

This profile is based on appearances in the first two collections and may not reflect information about the two men or any incidents which affected them. Please check back for updates or feel free to let us know about relevant info!

Duncan Locke and Brian Rogen created by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. Art by Gabriel Rodriguez. Duncan is on the left and Brian on the right.

All rights reserved Joe Hill and IDW Publishing

July 10, 2021
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