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If you enjoy what the Gay League has to offer, please consider helping us with the costs of maintaining the website and community by clicking the donate button below. All donations go towards the following:

  • Website hosting, maintenance and domain costs
  • Incentives given to contributors to the site
  • Possible future meet-ups, and more!

Donations are done securely through PayPal’s servers (you do NOT need a PayPal account to donate), and you can give a one-time amount of any value, or set up a recurring one (like $1/month, for example). Your donation is greatly appreciated!!!


Thank you!!


You can also passively help the Gay League out by simply going about your normal online shopping at Amazon! Do you order a lot of comics collections (or anything else) online through Amazon? Then simply clink on the button below to use our affiliate link.

Your shopping and orders will go ahead exactly as normal, but the Gay League will benefit a wee bit with every item that you buy. You’ll be helping us just by doing what you normally do!



Thank you for considering a contribution to Gay League! Within this page are some ground rules and incentives for your contribution.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the contribution policy,  you can contact us.

Topics should be site related.

Obviously Gay League is a comics site oriented to LGBT comic readers and is commited to continuing in this direction.

Despite our name, this site is NOT primarily focused on the mainstream, superhero genre. Besides DC and Marvel, we cover anything from Dark Horse, Image, the indy and boutique companies, and self publishers wanting to tell their stories that won’t be found anywhere else.

We’re looking for:

  • Reviews of current comics or graphic novels
  • Retrospectives of past comics or characters
  • LGBT character profiles
  • Opinion pieces/Essays/Studies/Spotlights
  • Posts seeking reader feedback

Basically anything that you think would appeal to LGBT comics readers is fair game.

Are you more interested in discussing movie, television shows, anime, books, or games that have something in common with sequential art and storytelling? Please get in touch!

Diversity and inclusivity

It is hoped that you will be interested in contributing regardless or, if you prefer,  maybe even because of your gender or sexual orientation, identification, or any of the many other factors that make you unique. You choose whether or not to write with any aspect of your individuality in mind.

Originality and ownership

Your posts should be original and not written as a work for hire commissioned for another media source. Work that has been published elsewhere to which you retain rights will be considered on a case by case basis.

It is requested that you do not publish your article on another site for fourteen days after its publication here, though this is not a hard and fast rule. Imagery provided by Gay League may be reused if it falls under fair use and creative commons license.

It is hoped that you will allow your contributions to reside here indefinitely.  Even so, your work remains your property. You may request for any or all of your contributions to be removed from this site at any time.  It will be unnecessary to provide a reason though you may do so if you like.

Posts and grammar

While correct grammar and spelling are desirable, some people have difficulty with spelling and grammar or may not have a spell-checker to make use of. Please don’t be discouraged from contributing. Contact us so that options can be discussed. Also, there isn’t any concern about regional spelling variations (such as theater or theatre).

When writing for Gay League, you will initially be given contributor status and allowed to publish your post as a draft. At that time, your post will be reviewed. You will always be contacted for a confirmation in the event of any suggested edits. Likewise in case something in your post is unclear or incorrect.

Please ask about content

Gay League is not designed to be an all ages site.

There is a grey area in the use of sexually graphic imagery with regard to the terms of service with Gay League’s host provider.  Please ask about the inclusion of erotic imagery with your contribution as this will be done on a case by case basis.

Context is the primary factor regarding other sexual and or violent content. Unnecessary profanity may be discouraged.

Please seek another outlet if you have a vindictive axe to grind with current or former comics publishers, editors, writers, artists, the staff of other websites, or comics bloggers.


Unfortunately we cannot pay for contributions at this time. While the Gay League occasionally generates revenue from Amazon affiliation, donations, and sometimes merchandise…it honestly isn’t that much. Whatever we receive, if anything, usually goes towards maintenance and upkeep of this website first. Anything else beyond that can potentially go toward contributors (especially if your article generates any income via an Amazon affiliate link).

Here are the incentives for writing for Gay League:

  • Guaranteed author byline: Your author byline will show at the end of all your posts. This byline can include your Gay League member photo, a short bio, links to any social media, and a link to all other Gay League posts you’ve written.
  • Promotion of your article on the Gay League FB group, Twitter, and elsewhere.
  • Possible: If Gay League generates enough through Amazon affiliate links or from donations, we will do what we can to pass that on to our contributors — with our most prolific or most-shared contributors getting first dibs. This will usually be in the form of Amazon credit.
  • Donations go to fund the Gay League website first, unless a donator specifically instructs a donation to go towards a contributor. In which case, you’ll want to make sure your article gets seen by as many people as possible!
Thanks again!

Thank you again for your consideration and for reading this fairly lengthy page.  To become a contributor, you must first register as a member on this site.  Then come back to this page when logged in, and you’ll see a request form magically appear below. (If you’ve already contributed to this site, then we will give you automatic “Contributor” status once you register. But you’ll still need to fill out form below to remind us).

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