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Dez Trevius

Note: This profile contains spoilers for the recently released Sinestro Annual #1.

Dez Trevius was born into a culture on a world that resembles feudal Japan with touches of sci fi in things like futuristic eyewear that may be tech enhancements. Like feudal Japan, this world is steeped in tradition and ritual and its rulers, the Assassin Templars, are modeled on the shogunate and samurai warriors. Unfortunately for Dez Trevius, he is born into the serf class and works as a farm hand. One day he is tilling crops near a castle compound when he catches the eye of Brae Wrell, the greatest living assassin. The two men begin a clandestine affair, presumably initiated by Wrell since Trevius would likely not be in a position to approach Wrell. Their time alone together is spent not only on romance and sex. Dez is as eager to learn swordfighting as about matters of court etiquette and intrigue, both being above his lowly station. Trevius may have been tempted by the idea of gaining some measure of power or social standing outside of his class when their affair began. He also demonstrated he had ambitions when he told Brae that he’d connived a way to come to Brae’s attention.

One day the couple become caught up in court intrigue when they are secretly watched by one of Brae’s fellow assassins. Using this info for his own purposes, this unseen warrior informs the daimyo who in turn decides to punish Brae. It’s important to point out that writer Cullen Bunn notes in the story the reason for the punishment is Brae consorting with a peasant and not the fact that both were men. This was true of feudal Japan and its views of sexuality. The daimyo arranges an alliance by marrying Brae to a high ranking woman from the court of a rival clan. The marriage only makes Dez determined and he to begs Brae to run away together. The idea is met with scorn and Brae’s words make matters more cruel when he makes it clear he can’t live outside of his social caste. The rejection pushed Trevius over the edge and he reacts in a manner most fitting for a culture that enshrines assassination.

Trevius joined the Sinestro Corps and is frequently seen with fellow Sinestro Corp member Rigen Kale. It’s yet to be revealed if Trevius is in love with Kale or if they’ve been secretly in a relationship. Trevius prefers to use his yellow power ring to create swords with which he fights.

Trevius first appeared Sinestro #1 and shown to be gay in Sinestro annual #1. Art by Dale Eaglesham and Mirko Colak.

All rights reserved DC Comics.

April 6, 2015
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