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Devon is the boyfriend and self-appointed Watcher of vampire hunter Billy Lane.

Devon became a fan of Vampire Slayers after the existence of the supernatural world became public knowledge, and he began studying the Slayer mythology and history. Devon secretly had a crush on nerdy classmate Billy Lane, and came to believe that Billy could make a good vampire slayer, despite not having the supernatural powers that the ‘real’ Slayers possess.

When a zompire threat emerged in their home town of Santa Rosita, Devon rescued Billy from a zompire and told him about Buffy, the Slayers and vampires, etc. He also suggested that Billy begin training as a pseudo-Slayer, with Devon volunteering to serve as his Watcher, training and guiding him. The two began training regularly, and their relationship grew closer but although Billy had a crush on Devon he remained ignorant of Devon’s own feelings towards him.

Devon was forced to confess his feelings to Billy after he found they were starting to interfere with his role as Watcher; Devon was finding himself reluctant to send Billy into situations that put him at risk. Devon originally tried to forbid Billy from attacking a zompire nest at the local library to rescue his grandmother, saying that he wasn’t ready to take on that many zompires, but Billy defied him and went anyway. Devon confessed his feelings to Billy and went along to help him rescue his grandmother. The two became boyfriends shortly after.

When Billy moved to San Francisco to train under Buffy Summers, Devon maintained a long distance relationship with him. Devon provided guidance and encouragement to Billy over phone and Skype conversations, when Billy was left to investigate Buffy’s disappearance by himself.

Devon and Billy were reunited after Devon summoned Billy back home when the true scope of the zompire crisis in Santa Rosita became clear. Unfortunately it was not entirely a happy reunion, since Billy broke up with Devon shortly after his arrival. Based on advice from Buffy, Billy was concerned that he could not safely fight the forces of evil alongside his boyfriend without putting lives at risk, although Devon strongly disagreed. The break-up was short-lived as Billy realized his mistake when Devon was nearly killed in a zompire attack.

When Buffy and the other members of the Scooby Gang arrived to help finish off the zompires in Santa Rosita, Devon got to meet Rupert Giles of the real Watchers Council. Devon was extremely honoured to meet Giles, although the first meeting was a bit awkward since Giles had recently been reborn in a 12 year old body and Devon originally dismissed him as a pretentious child.

When Buffy and the others left Santa Rosita, Devon and Billy stayed behind to handle the clean-up. Their current status is unknown.

Devon’s character design seems to be patterned after Buffy’s original love interest, Angel, with his hairstyle, leather jacket, etc.

Devon’s boyfriend Billy’s profile can be read here.

Devon first appeared in Buffy Season 9 #14 by Jane Espenson, Drew Z. Greenberg and Karl Moline. He should not be confused with Devon MacLeish, who was a recurring character on the Buffy TV series as Oz’s bandmate in Dingos Ate My Baby.

Art by Karl Moline, Andy Owens, and Michelle Madsen.

All rights reserved 20th Century Fox.

July 8, 2021
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