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Devlin Waugh Goes Nightclubbing

“Darling, I am the filth,” proclaimed Devlin Waugh by way of writer Aleš Kot. Waugh stands tall, arms akimbo, and dressed in a bright yellow Balenciaga raincoat. His proud stance embellished with a broad smile and a glint in his eyes by artist Mike Dowling for the opening page of Call Me By Thy Name in Judge Dredd Megazine #400.

On this side of the Atlantic Waugh may not be so terribly well known as in the UK and Europe which is a pity. Waugh was created by John Smith and Sean Phillips and first appeared in Judge Dredd Megazine #21 in 1992. Waugh lives in Brit-Cit — as the remains of Great Britain are known as in the wake of a global nuclear war. With a handsome face evocative of grand movie stars of yesteryear, Waugh possesses a wit to rival Oscar Wilde, flawlessly attired, with a bodybuilder’s physique and an unbounded ego to match it. Imagine a charming Cary Grant mashed up with John Constantine’s attitudes and toss in being a daywalking vampire. Aside from appreciating art and flower arranging and being the most lusted after celebrity of his times, Waugh also contracts his exorcism skills to the Vatican. It’s during one such adventure that he imprisoned a demon in a dildo only to have said demon, one Titivillus (demons do have names, you know!) become his traveling companion and partner in adventure.

Snickering, are you? Alright, go on.

Are you done?

No? I’ll wait a moment.

Alright, now that that’s out of your system what’s this all about? Simply this – Devlin Waugh returns to Judge Dredd Megazine (#465) on February 21st with writer Aleš Kot who is joined by artist Steven Austin along with colorist Matt Soffe and letterer Simon Bowland. “Nightclubbing” will see Waugh dealing with anti-gay hate crimes as the story unfolds each month. The publisher gave me a sneak peek and reading the first installment has me quite intrigued for more. A note of caution should this be a concern to let you know the opening sequence does depict an act of anti-gay hate. The following preview pages of the first chapter of “Nightclubbing” are from another scene.

Much more about Waugh’s character and history can be read at this profile but don’t forget to read the preview pages!

Without further adieu…

In case it helps you to find copies, here are Diamond’s order codes for the following three issues: Judge Dredd Megazine #465 (DEC231683); Judge Dredd Megazine #466 (JAN241899); Judge Dredd Megazine #467 (FEB241664)

All art and page samples provided courtesy of Rebellion/2000 AD.

February 16, 2024
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