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Tall and raven-haired, Dedalus is a London detective who is drawn into strange and surreal events evoking themes of ancient Greek tragedies when called in to investigate the grisly murder of a woman whose savaged body was left on riverbank. When first seen Dedalus is having a phone conversation reassuring his lover John. It’s clear that Dedalus is closeted on the job when he replies “the usual” to a fellow detective’s query of “Woman trouble?” regarding the phone call.

As acts of violence and intimidation, more deaths, a trio of mysterious women (embodying the Furies) appear seemingly at random, and sheets of parchment with ancient Greek writing appear in unlikely places they become an obsession for Dedalus. How deeply the events affect Dedalus, especially when colleague Danny is killed, becomes clear in a scene between Dedalus and John, who tries to reassure Dedalus that the murderer will be caught. Dialog between the couple hints that Dedalus’ decision to be closeted is a source of recurring strain.

Dedalus gains a new partner with Rashid who is rather knowledgeable of Greek tragedies.

In issue #10 we learn that one of the Furey brothers is threatening to reveal Dedalus’ secret and ruin his reputation if he doesn’t deliver or murder a  hospitalized suspect with ties to the Furey gang. Dedalus makes an attempt to smother the young man with a pillow and relents before Rashid walks in to the room. Having failed or realized that it’s better to be forced out of the closet than to become a murderer, Dedalus decides to take away the Fureys’ second option of blackmail. He and John drive to his precinct and embrace curbside in front of the station (issue #11). Word of the incident travels quickly; Rashid is nonchalantly dealing with hearing it as Dedalus walks into their office.

Dedalus is first seen and confirmed as gay in Greek Street #1. John is first seen in #5. Peter Milligan and Davide Gianfelice are creators of the characters. Art by Gianfelice and Patricia Mulvihill.

All rights reserved Peter Milligan and Davide Gianfelice.  Originally published by DC / Vertigo.

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