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DC’s All Ape Jungle League Coming In March

Smell for yourself in DC’s ‘APE-RIL SPECIAL’ comic book in…March?!

And don’t miss DC’s “Banana Scent” variant cover! OO-OO-EE-EE-OO-OO!

*CAUTION: An ape-surd amount of bad ape puns are incoming. Please be ape-vised.

Get ready to go bananas as we honor DC’s storied history with mankind’s closest relatives in this ape-ic adventure, DC’s Ape-ril Special, timed to publish just ahead of Ape-ril Fools Day 2024! It’s gonna be orangu-tastic, so heat up a capuchin-o, prepare a batch of chocolate chimp cookies, and get ready to r(ee-ee)d the one comic b(oo-oo)k this year that’s guaranteed to make you go…APE! DC’s Ape-ril Special hits shelves on March 19th!

Banana Scent variant cover by Hayden Sherman

Gorilla Grodd’s recent incarcer-ape-tion in the pages of DC’s The Flash comic book series has left a void that Monsieur Mallah is more than happy to fill. Ape-sembling a group of the DCU’s most sinister simians, Mallahforms the Legion of D(oo-oo-ah-ah)m, with an eye toward worlddomin-ape-tion. But the world won’t be conquered that easily!Enter the all-ape JUNGLE L(ee-ee)gue. Can this team of hero-eekanthropoids be the salv-ape-tion we need, or will Mallah’s team of maniacal monkeys bring forth the ape-pocalypse?

Main cover by Dan Mora

DC’s Ape-ril Special #1 will feature stories by John Layman, Joshua Hale Fialkov and Gene Yang with art by Karl Mostert, Phil Hester and Bernard Chang. The main cover by Dan Mora will be accompanied by a variant cover by Bernard Chang and a “Banana Scent” variant cover by Hayden Sherman. The 48-page comic book goes on sale March 19, 2024.

Variant cover by Bernard Chang
December 13, 2023
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