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DC Dual Force Launches on Epic & Steam

Bringing Epic Halloween Experiences

Seattle — October 18, 2023 — The DC Dual Force digital collectible card game is now officially on Steam and the Epic Game Store – just in time to deliver some maniacal play experiences this Halloween season! A corrupted and evil version of the Caped Crusader – called The Batman Who Laughs — is the centerpiece of the DC Dual Force product launch experience. Featured in the final two playable comics at the end of October – Dark Knights Rising: Wild Hunt and Dark Knights Metal – the Batman Who Laughs also brings chaos to PvP matches via his special Leader Card that players can build decks around. Available in the October mini-set all subscribers receive, the Batman Who Laughs is highly dangerous and unpredictable – just like you’d expect a mix of Batman and the Joker to be!

“The comics we have featuring The Batman Who Laughs are very dark – just right for Halloween, but they really deliver what’s special about DC Dual Force,” said Tobin Lent, COO of CCG Labs. “As many folks know, The Batman Who Laughs is from a timeline where Batman loses his sanity to Joker’s toxin and recruits six other Dark Multiverse Batmans after they each alter themselves to get superhuman abilities. These Dark Knights then run havoc over the multiverse. In our playable comics, you get to play as these Dark Knights against our core heroes, earning prizes along the way. It’s really a fantastic experience. I can’t wait for players to try it out.”

To close out our October launch offerings, we’re releasing three special Leader Bundles featuring alt-art Dark Nights: Death Metal versions of Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman. Priced at 1,300 Gems (approximately $13), each includes a unique Leader card, 5 booster packs, a profile image, and card back – all themed to Death Metal! The card backs are something to behold, with Superman on lead guitar, Batman on bass, and Wonder Woman on the electric keys! For the ultimate deal, you can pick up the Dark Nights Premium Pack, including all 3 Leader Bundles, plus 50 booster packs for 6,000 Gems! That’s over $100 of stuff for approximately $60!

No matter how you stack it, that’s a heck of a launch month with a little something for everyone, so get DC Dual Force on Steam, the Epic Game Store, or and play today!

Based on DC’s comic-book universe, DC Dual Force allows players to experience epic-level combat strategy with their favorite DC Super Hero or Super-Villain – From Aquaman and Batman to The Joker and Lex Luthor – and everything in Between! In DC Dual Force, you pair your favorite with another Leader from the DC Universe, connecting super friends, like Batman and Wonder Woman, or creating unusual alliances, like Black Adam and… Superman? Then, you surround them with Recruits (other Super Heroes and Super-Villains) along with Actions themed to work well with your ultimate duo. In the end, playing your DC Dual Force deck feels like you’re in the middle of a fight themed to the Super Heroes (or Super-Villains) you’ve partnered with.

Beyond competitive PvP play, DC Dual Force uniquely allows players to experience classic comics by playing through portions of these stories in PvE play. For example, you can enter Justice League: Origin, and help our heroes defend Earth against Darkseid! New playable comics will be added each week to continue your solo-play adventure.

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October 18, 2023
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