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David Singh

David Singh is the director of the Central City Police Department’s crime lab. Singh’s emphasis on quantity of work rather than quality is creating a source of friction in the department, noticeably with James Forrest and Patty Spivot. Singh himself may feel pressured by Captain Frye’s demands on his police officers and the crime lab in particular. Singh is feeling stress in most of his life. Central City residents are dealing with the aftermath of an EMP caused by the Flash. Singh does not hold a favorable view of vigilantes, which he considers Flash to be.

The first clue about Singh’s personal life appears in issue #7 when Patty Spivot unexpectedly arrives at his home one night. She too is rather disturbed by the misery inadvertently caused by Flash, though she harbors additional emotion because of Barry Allen’s disappearance, never dreaming they’re one and the same person. During her visit she remarks about a collection of flutes; Singh comments that he has no musical talent and they belong to someone else. Despite his hardnosed work policy, he has empathy for Patty when she confesses her secret love for Barry. Who these flutes belong to becomes clear in the following issue in a scene that opens with a memorial to fallen police officers which opens with Hartley Rathaway conducting the Central City Symphony. People are mingling after the ceremony. Hartley overhears Singh expressing his opinion that Flash is a self-serving vigilante, to which Hartley tries to charmingly disagree with. Facial expressions and body language underscore that this is an unwelcomed intrusion, and Singh introduces Hartley to Patty and Forrest as simply his friend.

Differences in opinions increase when Singh is told by Hartley of his intent to resume being Pied Piper. That the conversation takes place after Hartley shows up in his office doesn’t set well, a point that gets turned back on Singh when Hartley argues that Singh is ashamed of their relationship. The discussion is interrupted when Patty Spivot walks in the office. It shouldn’t be long before she learns her boss’ secret.

Created by Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul. Art by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato. See Pied Piper’s entry.

Singh first appeared in Flash Secret Files & Origins (2010) and in then in Flash #1 (2011).

All rights reserved DC Comics.

July 7, 2021
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