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Dave Isherwood

Dave Isherwood is a war veteran, an ally of Deathstroke (Slade Wilson), and as a tech developer and specialist is the inventor of the Ikon suit. Isherwood resides in Windsor, Ontario. Writer Christopher Priest insert Isherwood into continuity in a flashback scene in which he, long time friend Wintergreen, and a man nicknamed Rax (for Racskowski) help Deathstroke on a mission to Cambodia to rescue a Hmong woman who uses the name “Lillian Worth”. Unknown to the four men is a ten year old girl named Rose. She is Lillian’s daughter and Slade is her father. Happening simultaneously to this rescue is the abduction of teenage Joey (Jericho) which leads to Adeline, Slade’s wife, learning of his secret identity and life.

Isherwood focused on his interest in technology and developed the Ikon suit. The technology embedded in these uniforms creates a gravity sheath around the user and acts as a “point defense system” which creates force in proportion to the motion of the user. Flight is possible if the wearer overclocks the system. The Ikon prototype became the basis for a new Deathstroke uniform. Isherwood and Deathstroke had a falling out over Deathstroke’s principles at some point after Wilson received the prototype. In a confrontation between the two men we learn that Isherwood “walks with the Lord now” and protects his hometown of Windsor, Ontario as Dr Ikon. Isherwood also created the sub vocal NFC transmitter for Jericho for another communication method with the select few people who have a receiver.

Jericho calls Isherwood to a private meeting atop a skyscraper so he can inform Isherwood of his intent to marry a woman named Etienne who interprets for him. This news is not at all well received and the reason is simple. Jericho had pursued Isherwood and they have been secretly seeing each other and in fact had just been together the day before. Isherwood argues that Joseph should true to himself as he is “fearfully and wonderfully made” and break off the engagement. Dave threatens to tell Slade he and his son are lovers when Joseph refuses the older man’s attempts to label Joseph as gay. Isherwood is unprepared for the reaction which will not be spoiled here.

This profile is based on information and events from Deathstroke volumes 1 and 2 and will be updated after further reading. Jericho’s profile is here.

Isherwood (nicknamed Ish by Jericho) first appears in Deathstroke #3 volume 4 (2016) and is revealed as gay in Deathstroke #6 (2016). Created by Christopher Priest and Carlo Pagulayan. Art by Carlo Pagulayan.

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July 6, 2021
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