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Dani The Therapist

Alpha 13 is a governmental agency in charge of dispatching its own superheroes to deal with threats featured in the Eternity Girl mini series created and written by Magdalene Visaggio and drawn by Sonny Liew. Among those heroes is Chrysalis, the alter ego of Caroline Sharp, whose life has been radically altered when during a fight with her nemesis Madame Atom she receives the power to shape shift her body and any organic and inorganic material within a 35 foot radius. The event leaves her increasingly disconnected from humanity and reality as generally perceived by the masses.

A disastrous incident in an Alpha 13 office puts Sharp on administrative leave and requires therapy sessions to evaluate her mental and emotional states. Enter Dani, a therapist in the employ of the agency. Dani is a skilled therapist who is aware of the requirements Alpha 13 puts on her and all its agents. While Dani treats Caroline professionally during sessions, she also keenly feels that her patient needs a friend. On one occasion Dani appears with cake and alcohol in hand at Caroline’s apartment just so they can visit. As a friend, Dani tries to reassure Caroline she can just be herself…which, in this case means Caroline can let go of her former self-appearance she tries to maintain around people. Another time they go out for lunch. A third time when they meet at a comedy club where the comedian talks about body image issues that society has with her doesn’t go well despite Dani’s good if misplaced intentions. Dani opens up to Caroline about an unhappy part of her past which led Dani to take charge and make significant changes. Dani shares that in a former life Dani had dearly wanted to become an Air Force fighter pilot and that dream was set aside for new ones after making the choice to transition. Dani is left bewildered by Caroline’s actions and must simply accept it as the story draws to a close. No spoilers here about the ending except to mention it isn’t as dire as you may think. After all, “chrysalis” does refer to a transitional state of being.

Dani (also called Danielle a couple times, last name unknown) first appeared in Eternity Girl #1 and writer Magdalene Visaggio shows that the character is transgender in issue #6.

Dani created by Magdalene VIsaggio and Sonny Liew.

All rights reserved DC Comics

July 6, 2021
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