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Damon Matthews

Damon Mathews is federal prosecutor Kate Spencer’s assistant. We first see Damon during Spencer’s closing argument in the trial to prosecute Copperhead. In a brief scene he tires to cheer up Kate while the jury deliberates. Unfortunately, the jury acquits Copperhead.

Damon is next seen in issue #5 when JLA members arrive at the Los Angeles Federal Building. They’ve come to talk with Spencer about the murder of Firestorm (Ronny Raymond) by the Shadow Thief. Damon does his best to make an impression on the Leaguers, especially Hawkman, with whom he flirts and tries to ask out for sushi. Issues #6, 7, and 9 have brief appearances related to work matters with Kate.

Some friendly banter between the pair in issue #11 reveals that Damon is going out on a date with a man. Cameron Chase of the DEO becomes a recurring character with the next issue. She compliments Damon on his “super-heroic physique” as he dashes off to the gym, but not before lamenting that Hawkman wasn’t impressed. He and Kate have a brief conversation in the Federal Building in which she tells him to take charge in a case, but he’s also left wondering how straight men date women because of her secretiveness (issue #16).

A big development comes in a scene in issue #18. Todd Rice (AKA Obsidian) arrives at the front desk asking to speak with Damon, which is quite a surprise for Damon. Todd had hoped to persuade Damon to play hooky with him for the afternoon. Damon begs off though because of heavy caseload and then asks if their date for that night at a sushi place is still on. It seems Damon really does like sushi. They kiss goodbye at the elevator while the on-looking secretary smiles.

Issue #19 has a two-page scene. It opens in Todd’s apartment with Damon and Todd snuggling under the sheets after sex as they try to make plans for the rest of the night. Todd decides to take a shower that is cut short when Damon calls out he has a visitor. Damon is shocked to see projected image of Green Lantern (Alan Scott), and even more surprised when Todd calls him “Dad.”

It’s “One Year Later” in issue #20, and we learn through an “on the super-hero job” conversation between Kate (Manhunter) and Todd (Obsidian) that he and Damon are still dating. In fact, Todd’s returned to surprise Damon for his birthday.

In World War III #3 Federal prosecutor Andrew Bates confronts Damon and boss Kate after an investigation implicates Damon in the theft of items from the Los Angeles police department evidence lockers. Computer logs show his badge was used to gain entry, but there are no videotapes, which would show Kate as the culprit stealing confiscated weapons. Damon calls Bates’ bluff about prosecution. Kate follows suit, a decision softened by a deal struck moments before with DEO Director Mr. Bones to clear Damon’s records and set her up in her own law office. Kate hires Damon to be a defense attorney. (Thanks to Jay for writing and sending scans.)

Most recently in JSA 80 Page Giant #1 (published 10/10) writer Marc Andreyko shows a further development with Damon and Todd trying to start a family by applying to adopt a child which provides a framework for Obsidian’s history to be recounted to the the adoption specialist. Their request is turned down. Andreyko doesn’t clue the reader as to why though we’re told through Todd it has nothing to do with being a superhero, and the couple’s decision to raise a family is reaffirmed with the statement that they’ll continue the effort.

At some point between the time of this story and the approximate 15 year flashforward in Manhunter #37 and 38 show they succeed in creating a family. There is a daughter named Jenny and son Alan, named respectively after Todd’s sister and father. They’re in highschool and Jenny has some kind of ability riffing on Jade’s (whose name she’s taken) while it’s unknown if Alan has powers. Jenny’s power implies she’s the biological child of Todd though it’s uncertain if the same should be said of Alan, and as the reality of family goes, is ultimately irrelevant.

Damon first appears in Manhunter #1 (vol 4) and is outed in Manhunter #5. See the bio for Obsidian and Ramsey Robinson. Marc Andreyko and Jesus Saiz created the character.

Art by Jesus Saiz

Damon Matthews ha not yet been seen in the Infinite Frontiers DC Universe of 2021 though Todd Rice (aka Obsidian) has been seen. The Nu52 continuity removed Damon, Todd, and Jenny, Todd’s sister, from then current continuity and prompted writer James Robinson to reimagine Alan Scott as a gay man.  This change has been retconned to make Scott gay during the 1940s when he first began fighting crime as Green Lantern. See the Green Lantern entry.

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