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The Damazons are a band (numbering less than 15) of fiercely independent women first appearing in issue #2 of Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy’s nihilistic Slash Maraud mini series. Angela is their savvy and tough leader. Two other Damazons are named: a woman named Sapphy (short for Sapphire though perhaps Sappho?) and Deb O’nair who dresses in cowgirl drag.

They use motorcycles and vehicles modified for desert terrain where the Damazons live and operate as transportation. It’s reminiscent of the look in Mad Max movies. The Damazons encounter Slash Maraud and Wild Blue (a leader in the Xenos underground) as they travel a narrow path through the alien-created crystalline structures on their way to rescue the repentant alien scientist Dr. X, the one being who can stop the shapers from recreating the Earth into an extra-terrestrial wonderland. In order to find Dr. X, Slash and Blue must venture into “Family Territory,” an area controlled as such by a small and grim gang who style themselves after both real and fictional serial killers. Though somewhat cautious about the idea of crossing into Family Territory, the Damazons prove to be invaluable in rescuing Dr. X from the crazed bunch who were intent on killing him. Afterwards, Angela and Dr. X have a brief and seemingly pointless conversation in which she explains the meaning of a slang word to the scientist.

underground members and to build a small army. It’s in Candlestick Park, where bizarre gladiatorial fights a la Mad Max are staged, that Maraud, Blue, and the Damazons arrive Maraud now plans to journey to San Francisco to enlist the help of more with Dr. X under their protection.  A three-way match between Brass Taki’s Zen Hogs, the Sheik Screamers, and Tommy Gunn’s Congo Corsairs has just started. In the confusion of the battle, two alien shapers sneak up behind Dr. X. One abducts him while the other mimics his shape.

In the aftermath of the melee, Slash challenges Rex Rumbull, one of the vermin pack leaders, and wins their loyalty by defeating him. To strengthen this shaky alliance, Angela orders Deb O’nair to offer herself to Rex. Later that night after the group has retreated to the ruins of Oakland, Deb confesses to Rex that her advance was bogus, but a self-assured Rex tells her that she’ll come around.

When Angela has a second conversation with Dr. X it becomes evident that something is wrong when he displays ignorance of the slang word she used and explained earlier. It becomes abundantly clear his fellow aliens are tracking him when a surprise attack happens. The ragtag crew successfully eludes the shapers, which later gives Wild Blue the opportunity to use her knowledge of alien biology to extract info about Dr. X’s whereabouts. It seems Dr. X is held prisoner aboard the Nulloid Express train that transports humans to a DNA processing plant to provide genetic material for the world’s transformation.

With the imposter securely tied up, the camp begins to quiet down for the night. Perhaps out of the same motivation used with Deb O’nair, Angela approaches a lone Brass Taki who is sitting next to a campfire and polishing his sword. She awkwardly tries to strike up a conversation, but Taki says, “Forget it. I don’t go for fems.” Angela’s offended by his rebuttal, and more offended when Rex hits on her. Unnoticed by all is Deb O’nair who wistfully gazes at a sleeping Slash.

The next day it’s an all-out, shoot ‘em up effort to liberate Dr. X from the train as it barrels through the desert landscape. Wild Blue and Slash board the train while Angela, Rex, Deb O’nair, and the rest drive alongside it at reckless speeds and shoot at the train crew. Deb O’nair throws caution to the wind and boards the train and takes out the crew’s fuel supply, allowing Slash and Blue the chance to rescue the scientist. Deb ends up with Slash as a way to mark the victory, a development, which does not escape Wild Blue, or the Damazons.

On their way to New York, the small army stops in Kansas City to rest. In a private moment together, Slash asks Deb why she became a Damazon. She replies, “It’s simple enough, Slash. After the shapers landed, I didn’t see any human men who were worth as much as following Angela…until now.” She goes on to say that none of the Damazons really “hate” men except for possibly Sapphy.

Days later the adventure continues in New York when another band of armed and deranged humans stand against the Xenos army.  Both groups want access to one of the few remaining aircraft.  It’s the essential part of the rebel plan to prevent the final phase of the alien terraforming plan from starting in Paris. Deb and Angela play their parts in securing the plane.

The rebel craft approaches Paris to find it’s become a total war zone. All of the rebels except for Wingo who is piloting the plane parachute into the streets. They form a three-pronged attack. While Angela and Deb once again prove their guerilla fighting skills are no fluke, it’s another Damazon nicknamed Beret (for her hat) who had previously remained in the background that proves invaluable by getting Dr. X to the facility in time to prevent the process from starting. Sapphy also plays a small but crucial role in the rebel success.

In the dawn’s light the rebels gather to mourn the deaths of their comrades. Rex comes to console Angela, and judging by the conversation, the pair decides to try a relationship. Likewise Wild Blue and Slash have a heart to heart plan to meet in the future after Deb has presumably had more than she take of Slash.

Note: Based on attitude, body language and character dialogue the Damazons seem to be lesbians. Based on interactions between Angela and Rex and Deb and Slash, plus later comments, a case could be argued that the Damazons’ sexual behavior was situational, like convicts in prison. Since both Angela and Deb begin relationships with men I am considering them to be bisexual, in contrast to Brass Taki and Wingo who appear to remain interested solely in men.  See Brass Taki entry .

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July 6, 2021
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