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Contributed by Mike McDermott

Crimson is the head of SHIELD’s Magic-Ops Division, and is a follower of the mystical entity Cyttorak. His magical spells grant him a wide range of abilities, including projecting blasts of magical energy, cloaking spells, and wielding the mystical restraints known as the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak.

Crimson was assigned to SHIELD’s Hulkbuster Unit, along with the She-Hulk and LMD “sexpionage” agent Cheesecake, under the command of Clay Quartermain. During the period when the Hulk was off-planet after being exiled to space, the Hulkbusters were assigned to hunt down and capture all of the Hulk’s old foes that were still running loose. Crimson assisted in the capture of such notable foes as the Wendigo and the U-Foes–and Crimson played a key role in the capture of The Leader, using a spell that drew on his own life energy in order to destroy The Leader’s giant battle armour.

When She-Hulk left the Hulkbusters, Agent Beefcake–another LMD sexpionage agent–was assigned to take her place. Quartermain was uncomfortable with Beefcake, but Crimson had no objections to him and his comments suggest that he may be attracted to men.

Crimson first appeared in She-Hulk #16 (2007)  and is created by Dan Slott and Rick Burchett. Art by Rick Burchett, Cliff Rathburn, and Andy Troy.

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