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Creote and Savant are first seen in Bird of Prey #56. Creote, a Soviet Special Forces operative, may have wandered throughout Europe after the dissolution of the USSR. He may have encountered Savant in Greece and formed a partnership or later upon coming to Gotham City.

In the story that first introduces the pair, Savant has devised an extortion scheme to force Oracle to divulge Batman’s secret identity. A scene in issue #57 gives the first sign of Savant’s disorder affecting his ability to process events in time and memories. This is also the first indication that Creote may be more than a simple henchman. We’re told in flashback that Savant tried to become a super hero four years previously. Batman rebuffed and threatened Savant for putting civilian lives in danger. Savant’s plan hinges on capturing Black Canary which he does by breaking her legs during a fight and cuffs her hands to a headboard. In the few issues of this arc Dinah uses observation and deception to deduce that Creote is in love with Savant.

By issue #70 Oracle has persuaded Savant to give up crime and realize his dream of being a super hero. Ever loyal, Creote is by his side helping to keep him on track despite his mental disorder. In all of his appearances Creote has been portrayed as devoted in his own way to Savant, regardless of the awkward situations resulting from Zinda’s attempts to capture his attention.

It appears that Savant hasn’t a clue to the true nature of his partner’s feelings. Savant’s reaction will be interesting if he ever learns the truth.

Sadly, Creote commits suicide after Savant is ruthlessly murdered as collateral damage by unknown operatives working to hurt and contain the Birds of Prey in BoP #2, vol 2. Wait, they’re not dead! It was just…well, the plot is unfolding. And Simone pulls another twist with the pair! Updates after the dust settles!

As a “wolf hound” in the Spetsnaz GRU, Creote was highly trained in extreme methods of hand to hand combat and physically trained to deter, capture or kill hostile agents, saboteurs, bandits, and other criminal elements. He would also have received training for reconnaissance and sabotage.

Creote first appears in Birds of Prey #56 and is outed in #59. Creote created by Gail Simone and Ed Benes. Art by Ed Benes, Alex Lei, and HiFi.

All rights reserved DC Comics. Used without permission.

July 5, 2021
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