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Cosmos Def & Solar Flayer

Contributed by Mike McDermott

Solar Flayer and Cosmos Def are two superheroes on different teams of heroes. They both have aggressive, alpha-male personalities and the two of them developed a hostile rivalry during a team up mission between their two teams. The following year the feud between the two of them threatened to erupt into a full-on grudge match in public, and Empowered and her friend Ninjette were sent to try and diffuse the situation before it got out of hand.

However the intense emotion between the two “dude-bro” heroes erupted into passion instead of violence. The two men started making out, much to the surprise and delight of Empowered, who is an avid reader of male/male slash fiction about her fellow superheroes. Cosmos Def and Solar Flayer had fallen victim to the Soldier Of Love, a mercenary who was using her magical powers over love and lust to cause all sorts of strange and unexpected romantic pairings in the suprahuman community all over the city!

A few days later Solar Flayer and Cosmos Def had been assigned to guard duty at the Secret Shield facility, but due to Solider Of Love’s powers the two of them were too busy having sex with each other to keep her out of the building. They didn’t even notice when Empowered and a squad of the Super Homeys arrived to investigate the breach.

Empowered eventually defeated Solider Of Love and broke her love spell over all of her victims. Cosmos Def and Solar Flayer were released from their love daze, but were seen kissing again after the spell had been broken, suggesting that her attack had brought their repressed true feelings to the surface, as opposed to creating a totally artificial attraction as was the case for most of her targets.

The powers of both heroes is mostly undefined since we’ve never actually seen them in action yet, but they both appear to have energy projection powers. It can be reasonably assumed that Solar Flayer’s powers include light, heat and fire projection, and it is implied that both of them have super strength.

When the two men came together intimately, their energy auras combined to make an impressive and beautiful light display.

In issue #1 of the mini Solar Flayer was referred to as Solar Flexus, but he was called Solar Flayer in the other two issues so that is the name I used here.

In another story the hero Maidman referred to Solar Flayer as one of the few villains he was never able to bring to justice. It is unclear if this is a different Solar Flayer, or if Solar Flayer is a reformed super villain.

Cosmos Def and Solar Flayer first appeared in Empowered and the Soldier of Love #1 by Adam Warren and Karla Diaz. Art by Karla Diaz.

All rights reserved Adam Warren.

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