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Cosmoknights Returns For Pride Month!

Great news for fans of Hannah Templer’s sci fi “smash the patriarchy” Cosmoknights! A second volume of Templer’s webseries comes to comic shops on June 13th! Gay League is excited to spotlight Templer and her Cosmoknights in an upcoming feature! In the meantime, we hope the following preview pages will excite and intrigue you!

Escape was just the beginning. The sensational “gays in space” webcomic/graphic novel returns, with new faces, long-awaited reunions, higher stakes, and more thrilling action!

Pan has finally escaped her dead-end planet, piecing together a new sort of family with the rebel gladiators Bee & Cass and the mysterious hacktivist Kate. They’ve even rescued a princess… but what if this princess has her own ideas? Whatever happened to Pan’s childhood friend Tara? And if they become galactic fugitives, will the immense pressure of life on the run threaten to tear them apart just in time for the biggest heist of their lives?

Cosmoknights (Book Two) By Hannah Templer
ISBN 978-1-60309-511-2 | Diamond: JUN228600 | $24.99 (US) | 280 pages
Full-color, softcover graphic novel
7” x 10” | Kids to Adults
Coming June 13th!
Pre-order from your local comic shop | elsewhere

Advance Praise for Cosmoknights (Book Two):

“This sequel raises the stakes… in exciting action scenes and sweet romantic subplots. The illustrations offer bursts of hot colors and beautiful sequences that highlight the queer, multiracial cast. A gripping feminist space adventure.” — Kirkus Reviews

Praise for the Cosmoknights series:

“A gorgeous and timely space adventure saga… Every panel hums and crackles with glowingly lush, well-realized worldbuilding. The dynamic action sequences, which merge tech and renaissance tropes, seem to leap off the page. But as lovely as Templer’s art is, it’s her political commentary that shines brightest… a dazzling vision of radical direct action—with rocket boots.” — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Templer’s exploration of this neo-medieval world is gorgeous… Fun, yet still deeply political.” — Samantha Puc, The Beat

“Pan’s journey to recognizing her own worth and identity as a feminist is earnest and believable… readers will enjoy the ride.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Queer romance, friendship, and wild mech battles against the patriarchy? I’m not sure what more you’d need.” — Barnes & Noble SF (Best of the Month)

“A fast-paced, beautifully drawn, feminist space romp with a diverse cast of characters. The artwork, all purples, pinks, oranges and blues, really does a wonderful job making Pan’s world come alive. This story will resonate with anyone who has ever dreamed of exploring and changing the world—as well as those who just enjoy a gripping, action packed adventure story with queer folk in space… richly drawn, unique, and captivating.” — Megan Baird, YALSA

“Always entertaining and engaging from the first page, readers will be wowed by the colorful and eye-popping Cosmoknights… the sci-fi story and the incredible visuals are combined into one remarkable reading experience.” — Villain Media

April 21, 2023
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