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Confessions Of A Superhero

“Confessions of a Superhero” is a comedic script written by Scott Sawitz and Mike Noyes, set to begin shooting in May of 2016. This is a passion piece for the two of us, something we’ve been working on in various forms since 2009. It’s been a project we originally envisioned as a web series, then as a movie, then as a TV show, and now have gone back to web series.

We want to provide a new, unique and refreshing look into the ever expanding world of comic books, superheroes and villains. Marvel and DC give us a certain, sanitized look on the big and small screen about superheroes. We’re aiming to bring a diverse cast of characters together for a more mature take on the genre.

What happens when superheroes stop being polite … and start being real? You’ll find out during “Confessions of a Superhero.”


John Boehner is Captain Liberty, protector of San Francisco and hero to children. Blake Larson is Professor Payne, his nemesis and super villain. They don’t know one another’s secret identity … which would make their lifelong friendship and current living arrangements as roommates rather difficult.

It’s poker night as John’s super powered hero friends are coming over to welcome the newest recruit into their super powered club.  Hyperactive Ben’s from Boston and John’s partner in crime.  Matt and Jim are the two elder statesmen of the team … and the old married couple of the gang.  For Kurt it’s his first night as a member of the Legion of Valor.

Meanwhile Blake is out on the town, as he’s looking for love on the internet .  Also he has a death ray to finish.  San Francisco isn’t going to hold itself hostage, you know.

It’s a look into the everyday lives of the super powered.

January 28, 2016
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