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Comics Made Me Gay

Tuesday Talk at Geek Bar Beta: Comics Made Me Gay, presented by Dale Lazarov of Sticky Graphic Novels — Tuesday, November 10th, 2014, 7:30PM at Geek Bar Beta (1941 W North St, Chicago, IL)

“Comics Made Me Gay” illustrates and explains how and why comics/sequential art/graphic novels are uniquely suited for representing both the objective and subjective experience of homoeroticism. This presentation features both panel excerpts and full comics page samples from classic superhero comics, from Tom of Finland homoerotic comics, and from contemporary gay and gay erotic illustrators and cartoonists. Adults only! Go to the Facebook event page for more info and to RSVP.

Dale Lazarov is the writer/art director of PEACOCK PUNKS (drawn by Mauro Mariotti), FAST FRIENDS (drawn by Michael Broderick), GREEK LOVE (drawn by Adam Graphite), GOOD SPORTS (drawn by Alessio Slonimsky), NIGHTLIFE (drawn by Bastian Jonsson), MANLY (drawn by Amy Colburn), and STICKY (drawn by Steve MacIsaac), wordless, gay character-based, sex-positive graphic novels published in hardcover by Bruno Gmünder GmbH and in digital format through He lives in Chicago.

Sticky Graphic Novels  (NSFW gay content in link!) publishes literary, wordless, gay erotic graphic novels for an international audience, published in hardcover through Bruno Gmünder GmbH and in digital format by Class Comics.

Smart, wholesome, homosexy.

October 10, 2015
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