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Trapped In The Nazi Stronghold

Trapped In The Nazi Stronghold is a Captain America story printed in Captain America #2 back in April of 1941, from Cap’s creators Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. A bit of a rarity for two reasons. The first being Captain America does drag – and not the fun, sassy kind of a dragthat you go out with friends to a club on a Saturday night to watch! Hell, no! Cap does prim, stern grandmotherly kind of drag. The other reason is this story was one of the few times a superhero engaged Nazis, in particular Hitler, before the US had entered into World War II. We didn’t directly enter the war until the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th. 1941. before then, one of the ways Americans became involved in the war was indeed through financial contributions to the British war effort, just like Henry Baldwin appears to do in this story.

You’ll find the relevant pages of this fifteen paged gem here. The Grand Comics Database states the story was reprinted in Captain America: The Classic Years (1998), Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age Captain America #1 (2005), Flashback #29 (from DynaPubs, 1974). You’ll want to buy a copy of one of the books it’s reprinted in for entire story, though I’m led to believe that Cap and Bucky are in regular costumes in the other pages.

Hmmm. Do you think Winter Soldier Bucky remembers this incident?




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