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Colt Varney

Contributed by Michael McDermott

Colt Varney was a soldier in the US army special forces, but got discharged when they discovered he was gay. He was a regular at the monthly “flatsies” night at Lillian’s Bar. Flatsies: Fun-Loving Albuquerque Transvestites. Not all of the crossdressers were gay, some were simply men that enjoyed being different for a night. Over two months, two transvestites were killed on their way home from the bar. The first victim was Randy Ellison, an ex-lover of Colt’s, and everyone suspected he was behind it.

The wandering hero Nomad arrived in town on the third month, and wound up getting involved in the case. However, he was unable to save a third victim from being killed. Nomad conducted an investigation, but was unable to find any leads that didn’t point to Colt. He finally confronted Colt, by bursting into his apartment, interrupting him and his new boyfriend. After a brief struggle, Colt reveals that he was not the one behind the murders, but was actually trying to track down the killer himself, in order to avenge Randy’s murder.

Meanwhile, Colt would remain hidden on a nearby rooftop with a sniper rifle, waiting for the killer to make a move. Their plan worked, and they caught the killer, but in order to save Nomad’s life, Colt was forced to kill her before they could discover what her motive was. Nomad guessed that it was “she realized no one should have to Since the killer has only been targeting newcomers to the club, Nomad decided to go undercover. He showed up in drag on “flatsies” night, to serve as bait dressed like this, just because society expects them to.” After that, Nomad left town, and Colt returned to his life.

Varney first appeared and confirmed gay in Nomad #11, written by Fabian Nicieza.

All rights reserved Marvel Entertainment.

July 5, 2021
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