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Closet Space

By Ronald Byrd

Art by Leonard Kirk

Closet Space is (real name Dominique Melancon) one of the Space Girls, a French band who use their music to promote female empowerment, what they call their “Chick-a-Boom” philosophy. As part of their stage personas, each member exemplifies a different trait; Deep Space is “smart,” Empty Space is “airheaded,” Open Space is “amorous,” and the leather-clad Closet Space is “tough.”

During an American tour, shortly after the unseen Dead Space quits, the Space Girls perform outside the town of Leesburg, where they persuade local hero Supergirl to join them. The concert is interrupted when the Female Furies of Apokolips arrive, searching for the refugee Twilight, and the Space Girls become involved when Twilight recognizes Deep Space as the reincarnation of her sister. In the aftermath, Twilight escapes with Deep Space, leaving the Space Girls to recover from the encounter.

Closet Space mentions that she has a girlfriend named Jane, indicating that she is a lesbian, which puts her name and persona into a somewhat stereotypical perspective.

Closet Space first appears in Supergirl #27 (the volume by Peter David) and is confirmed lesbian in #28.

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