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Contributed by Mike McDermott

Clive is a sorcerer and the spiritual leader of a coven, and who has been described as being David Bowie-esque. One of his followers, a young woman named Julie, planned to set Clive up with her friend Andrew Wells.

Andrew had not yet realized his sexuality at this point, so he was uncomfortable at being set up with a man. Instead he turned his attention to the coven’s magic potion that was meant to transform the drinker into their ideal self. Julie believed the legend was more of a metaphor and the potion to be symbolic for self-evaluation, but it actually worked for Andrew and made him realize he was attracted to Clive. It also granted him superhuman abilities, which he used to fight off a demon called The Sculptor who came to steal the potion. Clive was impressed with Andrew’s performance and declared him to be a superhero!

Clive then teamed up with Buffy and the Scooby Gang to go after the Sculptor, getting a boost of magical energy from Willow. Clive declared that working with Willow Rosenberg is every coven’s dream.

After the battle was won, Andrew passionately kissed Clive in front of everyone…and then the potion wore off and Andrew reverted to his regular self. Embarrassed, Andrew ran off but later his friends convinced him that Clive did seem to be interested in him for who he really was. The two did not end up becoming an ongoing item though.

Some time later, the vengeance demon Jonathan decided to hurt Andrew by magically showing him an out of context conversation between Clive and Brian, one of Andrew’s online dates. Clive had defended Andrew’s lack of awareness over his orientation, saying that not everyone grew up in San Francisco, but he went on to say that his concern was that Andrew seems to be clueless about everything else in life as well.

Saddened and angry over this, as well as things Jonathan had showed him from his other friends, Andrew confronted Clive before planning to leave his friends behind and move to Mykonos. Clive explained the context, that his comments had been out of concern for Andrew’s well being as well as Burt over the way Andrew had ghosted on him when he thought they had chemistry.

Clive goes on to fill in the rest of the conversation that Jonathan hadn’t shown him, where Clive had praised Andrew’s bravery, strength and potential, and once again described him as a hero. Clive then raised the question of whether or not Andrew’s source of information truly had his best interests at heart, and whether or not there might be missing context with his other friends as well. This helped Andrew realize what Jonathan had tried to do, and motivated him to return to the Scooby Gang.

Clive first appeared in Buffy Season 10 #11 (2015) by Christos Gage, Megan Levens, and Dan Jackson.

All rights reserved 20th Century Fox Film Corporation.

July 4, 2021
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