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Circuit Breaker

Jules Jourdain is an actor/ entertainer working for Molly Maverick’s Historical Reenactment & Tours in the very off the beaten path tourist town of Badlands Station, Nevada. Jourdain’s friend Mica works for Molly’s too, acting making costumes and working in other capacities given the shoe string budget they both mention in conversation. In the opening sequence of Jourdain’s debut story, Jourdain and Mica are reenacting a fight between Flash (Jourdain) and the Turtle (Mica), one of the Silver Age Flash’s original rogues.

A torrential rain storm unexpectedly breaks out. This is not a normal rain storm though, it’s fueled by the Lazarus island explosion that seeded the atmosphere with Lazarus resin (a substance first seen in Future State: Robin Eternal ). People exposed to the substance can have superpowers manifest or if they already have superpowers discover theirs have changed or disappeared entirely. Exposure for Jourdain means gaining the power to absorb and redirect energy. This incident follows the theme of Barry Allen’s transformation into the Flash, the character generally accepted as the beginning of the Silver Age in comics, which happened as a result of lightning during a storm striking a test tube of chemicals that Allen was holding one night while working as a scientist for the Central City police department.

More information about the character and powers will likely be revealed future appearances. Avery Ho, the Flash of China, arrives and offers Jourdain help through a friend at STAR Labs. Circuit Breaker’s next announced appearance is in the June 2023 Pride anthology.

Creator A L Kaplan describes Jourdain in a tweet as a “Trans man, but not super into the binary” and designates “he/they” as pronouns. Sharp eyed readers noticed a panel of art which shows Jourdain with a top surgery scar. Kaplan mentions Jourdain’s parents are archaeologists and alludes to tension between them and an aunt over property.

Circuit Breaker first appeared in a story titled “8 Seconds of Still Force” that appeared in Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate (2/14/2023)

Circuit Breaker, AKA Jules Jordain, created by A L Kaplan.

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