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Chili Storm

Contributed by Hope

Chili is the arch-rival and bad girl counterpart to Millie ‘The Model’ Collins, of the Marvel comics series “Millie the Model” first started in 1945. She is a struggling supermodel, but unlike Millie, is extremely egotistical, vain, and self-serving. This often leads her to ruin, and loses her jobs that fall to Millie by default. She is quite cunning, and prone to trade acerbic quips and comebacks. Like Veronica and Betty of Archie Comics, Millie and Chili are both best friends and enemies, depending on the situation. During this time, Chili had boyfriends, but was constantly ‘trading up’ or dating them for short periods of time to get what she wants.

In 2009, Chili and Millie are still struggling models, albeit somewhat known in the Marvel, and particularly, superhero universe, due to their association with model Patti Hellstrom (Hellcat) and Mary Jane Watson (formerly Spiderman’s fiancée). Chili is now an out and proud lesbian, with a desire for female superheroes.

Although her last name is Storm, she is thus far, not revealed to be related to Johnny or Susan of the Fantastic Four, but has met them during an ‘Intergalactic Beauty Contest’ which she won by default. [Note: this incident occurred in a Marvel Adventures story and should be thought of as an alternate version.]

Currently Chili Storm co-stars in Models Inc, a humour-adventure series set in the modern Marvel universe.

Chili Storm first appeared in Millie the Model #1 (December 1945, published by Timely) and is confirmed lesbian in Marvel Divas #2. Chili had a short lived humor comic from May 1969 to December 1973.

Art by Scott Clark from the cover of Models Inc #2 and by Viçenc Villagrassa and Val Staples from Model Inc #1.

All rights reserved Marvel Entertainment.

July 4, 2021
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