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The entry for the Cavalier in DC’s “Who’s Who” series states Mortimer Drake is a wealthy collector driven by tastes for the unique and bizarre to fill his private museum. When his fortunes failed to purchase various items he turned to other methods of procurement. Drake may have been inspired by Alexander Dumas’ “The Three Musketeers” or had a D’Artagnan fixation. In any case, he started wearing a Musketeer styled costume and turned to crime. In many of his (Golden and Silver Ages) crime sprees he has faced some member of the Bat Family. The Cavalier appears in two stories in Batman Family (issues #10 and #15) in which he fought Batgirl, Batwoman, and Robin.

Cavalier is mainly a D-list villain – fun, unusual, and usually forgotten by fans not obsessed with comics trivia. Writer Brad Meltzer snatched Cavalier out of obscurity in Justice League of America #2, though he still appears to be a relatively minor player in the criminal world, this time transplanted from Gotham City to a run down neighborhood in St. Roch. Drake has become an informant to Black Lightning in his secret identity as Jefferson Pierce. During this conversation, Pierce remembers being told two months previously that Cavalier is gay and sleeping with Captain Stingaree. While not shown in costume, one hopes Drake has put away his Musketeer costume, wearing it only on those occasions to spice things up with Stingaree.

From the “Who’s Who” text one would think that pre-Crisis Cavalier was a deadly foe. His weapons included a feathered steel tipped dart gracing his hat, an electrified sword, and handkerchief with heavy weights sewn into it, and a tin of snuff used to disorient opponents. He was also a capable athlete and fighter. It’s unknown what weapons Drake uses now.

Cavalier received a makeover and last appeared in Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo’s volume of Suicide Squad.  As often happens with characters in Suicide Squad, Cavalier met his end. Read Captain Stingaree’s profile. 

Art by Bruno Redondo.

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May 7, 2022
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