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Catching Up

Catching up here. Yes, again. From the lack of updates you’d think we’d dropped off the face of the earth or teleported to Earth Two. Definitely not the Earth Two that’s being ravaged by pointless and incomprehensible plotting and scripting in World’s End and Earth Two. A response to Dagger Type in December’s Batgirl and the reaction the character drew had been intended. Is still intended. The reaction so many had to the character, one that is completely understandable and valid, is not the same I had. It seemed a better idea to ask a trans person to write a response and hopefully one will be forthcoming from the person who’s been asked.

In the meantime while wits and words are being gathered up, so to speak, here are a few things you might find interesting.

The enigmatically named Mr Door Tree spotlights some of Jeffrey Catherine Jones’ artwork over at his The Golden Age blog. You’re likely to find other good posts if you look around there. I only wish he’d refer to Jones as Jones wanted to be called.

Constantine fans can rejoice about one thing. Executive producer Daniel Cerone says Constantine’s bisexuality will be addressed in the show! Hat tip to Elizabeth Fernandez for sharing that.


R C Harvey includes Joyce Brabner and Mark Zingarelli’s Second Avenue Caper about illegally bringing HIV drugs into the US on his Best of 2014 list of graphic novels for the Village Voice. A copy was sent to me a while back and I just haven’t found the time to read it yet. I believe the creators remained faithful to the original incidents and people involved. Jaime Hernandez’s The Love Bunglers piqued harvey’s interest, too. I’m unfamiliar with S Clay Wilson’s work and the sample shown there from Pirates in the Heartland: The Mythology of S. Clay Wilson Vol. 1 looks really subversive.

Jillian Tamaki (who worked with her cousin Mariko on Skim and This One Summer) mentioned her Supermutant Magic Academy strips will be published by Drawn & Quarterly. D & Q has it scheduled for release sometime this coming spring, which seems so far away with this nasty weather most of of us are faced with.

The talented, smart, and cheeky Bevis Musson drew a fun illustration of the Beef Squad, an idea for a team thought up by Simone and Marjorie Liu. Check out Bevis’ tumblr. Sometimes NSFW.

Recently at The Comics Journal Howard Cruse talked about rediscovering an essay titled Slang & Profanity that he wrote as a high school freshman. Cruse couldn’t help but turn it into a four paged strip.

The Beef Squad by Bevis Musson


March 7, 2015
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