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Catastrophe Jen

Contributed by Michael McDermott

Catastrophe Jen became a member of Cisco Pike’s gang of thieves and outlaws. She was also one of the most aggressive and deadliest members of the gang, and was easily capable of holding her own with any of the men. She also had no patience for sexual advances from the men, and she would kill any man who attempted to flirt with her. She was with his gang when they attempted to raid a town that was under the protection of the Rawhide Kid, a gunfighter hero of the Wild West.

The Rawhide Kid and Sheriff Matt Morgan were able to stop the outlaws, but Jen apparently survived the fight, unlike most of Pike’s gang. She was last seen attending the sheriff’s wedding, with a girlfriend on her arm, and a deputy’s badge on her chest.

It looks as if Jen was recruited to become the town’s new deputy after Rawhide left. How that came about is unrevealed.

Catastrophe Jen first appears in #3 and #4 of the controversial Rawhide Kid “Slap Leather” mini series.

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July 3, 2021
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