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Mike McDermott Contributor

Carlos is a young man that Bobby Drake (aka Iceman) met on an online dating app.

Carlos is a fan of mutant superheroes, and was able to recognize both Iceman and Firestar in their civilian identities. Their first date was going well, and the two shared a nice kiss, before they were interrupted by an attacking ice monster. While Iceman and Firestar were battling the monster, Carlos rushed forward with his cellphone to record the action–and was nearly killed before Spider-Man got him to safety.

After the battle, Bobby was annoyed to find Carlos again trying to record the action and get a selfie of himself with the heroes, and cancelled the rest of their date. Bobby then complained to Spider-Man and Firestar about the difficulties in trying to date civilians who just don’t understand the complications and dangers of being with a mutant.

Carlos first appeared in Iceman #3 (2019) by Sina Grace and Nathan Stockman.

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July 3, 2021
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