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Carlos & Amar

Carlos is a young man whose story unfolds over the course of a handful of issues of Joelle Jones’ Catwoman series. He helps run his Aunt Linda’s El Triangulo Pawn Shop in the city of Villa Hermosa, CA where Selina Kyle has relocated after the events of the Batman and Catwoman wedding story culminated in Batman #50. His and Linda’s paths cross with Selina’s because she has rented an upstairs loft space from Linda who has been a fixture of the neighborhood for more years than anyone can remember. Much of how Carlos came to gain Selina’s trust and knowledge of her secret identity remains a mystery. They have an arrangement in which Carlos procures various gadgets for Selina to use as offense or defense in her capers.

Aunt Linda took in eleven year old Carlos after his mother kicked him out, presumably after learning her son is gay. After dropping out of high school, Carlos admits he doesn’t know algebra but he does know people, telling Selina “I collect connections and my currency is favors. And living like I do that @#$& comes in handy!” Joelle Jones crafted a scene that shows Carlos interacting with neighborhood people on a first name basis while he and Selina walk to meet his friend James who’ll play a pivotal part in issue #12.

A distraught Carlos tells Selena that neighborhood crime is up and the pawn shop has been robbed twice during the last month. While he’s very concerned for his aunt, Carlos is also upset because among the items the last robber stole was a bracelet he’d saved up money for a year to give to his boyfriend Amar and “ask him if he wanted to go steady”. Selina teases him that “no one says ‘go steady’ anymore, Carlito” and tells him not to worry. A week later she’s taken down Villa Hermosa’s “The Broker” who sells and trades stolen goods and returned the bracelet to Carlos. While readers aren’t treated to a scene of Carlos asking Amar, they’re shown above in this happy moment illustrated by John Timms.

Carlos’ and aunt Linda’s relationship with Selena put them in jeopardy when the criminal Creel family and several corrupt cops launch a plan to eliminate Catwoman. Despite the harrowing possibilities, their friendships are unbroken.

Carlos’ first appearance is in Catwoman #1 (2018). Amar appears in only panel to date in issue #9. Their last names are not given.

Carlos and Amar created by Joelle Jones. Art by John Timms (first image) and Joelle Jones.

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May 27, 2020
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