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Contributed by Mike McDermot

Carina is one of the Sirenas, an undersea race of mermaid-like people who live in the Sulu Sea. Carina was formerly the partner of their ruler, the Reyna Sirena, until a human woman named Celia (aka Sea Hunter) discovered their kingdom. Carina and Celia fell in love with each other, which was a scandal since the Sirenas prefer to avoid contact with outsiders.

Carina and her people were hunted and persecuted by AlonTech, led by her vengeful ex-girlfriend. With the help of superheroes Aero and Wave from the Agents of Atlas, the Sirenas were able to defend themselves from AlonTech’s attack and overthrow the Reyna Sirena. Carina has assumed a position of leadership in the Sirena after the Reyna fled.

Sometime later Carina led the Sirenas to assist the Agents of Atlas defend the city of Pan from attack by Namor and Atlantis, since the Sirenas and Atlanteans were ancestral enemies. Although Carina originally intended to lead an attack on Atlantis and eliminate their threat to her people, Wave was able to help arrange a peace between them instead.

Please read the profiles for Reyna Sirena and Sea Hunter.

Carina first appeared in Aero #4 by Greg Pak, Alyssa Wong and Pop Mhan. Created by Greg Pak, Alyssa Wong and Pop Mhan. Art by Mhan and Federico Blee.

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July 24, 2022
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