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Careless Jones

Contributed by Mike McDermott

Careless Jones attended an outdoor Halloween party in Manhattan, dressed in a witch costume. He encountered Brooklyn, Lexington and Broadway, and congratulated them on their ‘great costumes’, not realizing that they were real Gargoyles. Later he and other attendees of the party fled from a rampaging werefox before Goliath intervened to stop the beast.

Two years later Careless attended the Greenwich Village Halloween block party, again dressed as the witch, and recognized Goliath from recent news coverage about the Gargoyles. Careless made a point of introducing himself to Goliath to thank him for saving himself and the other partygoers from the werefox two years previous.

Careless then asked Lexington to dance. Lex asked if Careless was aware that he was a real Gargoyle; Careless was totally unfazed and countered by asking if Lexington was aware he was a man under the witch costume. The two danced together, and later celebrated as members of the Quarrymen hate group were arrested following a thwarted attack on the party.

Careless Jones first appeared as an unnamed background character in the Gargoyles TV episode “Eye Of The Beholder” written by Steve Perry and voiced by Keith David. Keith David’s memorable delivery of the character’s single line of dialogue made a strong enough impression on Gargoyles co-creator Greg Weisman that he decided to reprise and expand the character many years later in the official comic book continuation of the series.

Careless was named and made his comic book debut in Gargoyles Halloween Special (2023) by Greg Weisman and Diego Bonesso. While not explicitly stated, Careless Jones seems to be gay.

November 2, 2023
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