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Captain Syryssa

Captain Syryssa is in charge of the Jolly Ravager, a ship owned by the Brothers Imura who operate out of the port city of Thyria in the epic fantasy series Monstress from writer Marjorie Liu and artist Sana Takeda. Her first mate is an Arcanic tiger named Jan. Syryssa is strong and capable as well as astute and protective of her crew who respect her in return.

Syryssa enters the story because Maika Halfwolf, along with her sometimes reluctant companions Kippa and Ren, has traveled to Thyria in the hope of unraveling more of the mystery surrounding a piece of a mask which belonged to her mother which is also connected in some way to the monstrous being which resides inside her. One of the Imura Brothers, Seizi, is Maika’s goddess father and it is he who explains the origin of a strange bone artifact which has come into Maika’s possession. The artifact is a key belonging to the much feared Isle of Bones. Seizi Imura entrusts Captain Syryssa to take Maika to the Isle of Bones in her quest for answers. This voyage will be Syryssa’s second time to the Isle; her first time was a ship navigator.

Tough but fair is also an accurate description of the captain. Not long after setting off Syryssa must stop a fight between Maika and one of her Arcanic crew members who shares her disgust because she looks and smells like a “dirty human”. Syryssa quietly reproaches Maika, threatening her life if she hurts another crew member and in the next breath loudly proclaims that she’ll dismember anyone who defies her personal order of protection of Maika. As strong, courageous, and battle tested as Syryssa is, she is no fool. When faced with the prospect of fighting a fleet of Thyrian war ships dispatched to take Maika into custody, Syryssa understands the only logical response is to flee from the confrontation rather than risking defeat and dire consequences.

Marjorie Liu writes a a line of dialog for Syryssa which casually reveals that several years ago in her past she had an affair with a Cumaean scientist. This panel appears part way through issue #9.

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Monstress is an ongoing series which has been collected in three volumes to date. Look for them at your local comic shop or book store or find them on Amazon.

Syrssa created by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda. Art by Sana Takeda. Syryssa first appears in Monstress #7.

All rights reserved Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda.

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