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Captain Power

Contributed by Ronald Byrd

Years ago at a demonstration of radiation manipulation at Techtonics Research Laboratories, scientist Christina Carr suffered severe disfigurement in the same explosion that transformed her co-worker Dr. Otto Octavius into the super-powered Doctor Octopus (and which, according to the continuity of Spider-Man: Chapter One, was also a factor in Peter Parker’s transformation into Spider-Man). Carr blamed Octavius for the accident and attempted to sue, but once he became a super-villain this was a futile effort. Driven mad by the radiation that mutated her, Carr eventually learned that it had also given her the power to transform herself into a being of great power, a being which was, incidentally, male; the implications of this gender change as a part of Carr’s transformation are unclear.

As Captain Power, Carr insanely sought “vengeance” against those who had survived the accident, killing several of them under mysterious circumstances, eventually targeting Doctor Octopus himself. Held prisoner, Octopus leads Power to attack former Techtonics supervisor Dr. Ted Twaki, now head of the Tricorp Foundation (temporary workplace of Peter Parker).

Spider-Man arrives at the scene and manages to immobilize Power with an electrical shock which shorts out “his” mutagenic shape-changing power, reverting “him” to the disfigured form of Christina Carr. Taken into custody, Carr no doubt has plans to seek revenge on both Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus, but she has not been seen since.

The same radiation which is slowly killing her gave Christina Carr the ability to transform into Captain Power, in which form she possesses super-powers that she evidently cannot use in her normal form. Captain Power has super-strength, a limited level of invulnerability, the ability to shoot intense flame from “his” eyes, and the power of flight.

Dr. Carr’s first appearance is in Spider-Man: Chapter One #1; as Power in Amazing Spider-Man #9, vol 2. Her character is confirmed lesbian in Amazing Spider-Man #10, vol 2.

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