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Captain Jovana Swain

Contributed by Mike McDermott

Jovana Swain is one of the new Inhumans who was created when the Terrigen Cloud was released upon the Earth. When she emerged from Terrigenesis she now possessed a prehensile tail. Swain often tries to pretend that this was the only aspect of her transformation, but she also gained broadcasting empathic powers, allowing her to project her own emotions onto other people and influence their attitudes and actions. She is also able to read people’s emotions and experiences, to a limited degree.

After joining the people of New Attilan, Swain was made captain of the Royal Inhuman Vessel (RIV), a flying fortress that circumnavigated the globe follohelping the various new Inhumans that were being created by exposure to the Terrigen Cloud. Her empathic powers helped to maintain the mental and emotional wellbeing of Hub, the new Inhuman who became the heart of the RIV after Terrigenesis transformed him into a living dynamo. This empathic connection to the living heart of the ship is what made Jovana uniquely qualified to be captain.

Swain is a particularly good natured person, and is very excited over her new life as an Inhuman. She is a superhero fan-girl who delights in now being a part of that world; her celebrity crush is the She-Hulk, and she owns a Captain Marvel bathrobe. Swain has embraced the aristocracy of Inhuman society and refers to Crystal (the leader of the RIV’s global mission) as “Princess Crystal”, despite Crystal’s own discomfort with that title.

Swain is deeply uncomfortable with the notion of using her powers to manipulate others, although she reluctantly admits that there are occasions in their mission where it is a necessary evil. However Swain became increasingly concerned that she might not have full control of her powers and be manipulating her friends and colleagues unintentionally. This concern led Jovana into forging a friendship with fellow Inhuman Panacea, who is immune to Swain’s empathic powers since she emerged from Terrigenesis seemingly without any emotions. Jovana is romantically attracted to Panacea, but whether it is possible for her to reciprocate those feelings remains to be seen.

When the Inhuman royal family decided to undertake a dangerous mission into deep space to search for a replacement for Terrigen for the future of the Inhuman race, Swain volunteered to join the mission as pilot for the Astarion.

Swain first appeared in All-New Inhumans #1 by James Asmus, Charles Soule and Stefano Caselli. She was outed in All New-Inhumans #8.  Art by Stefano Caselli and Andes Mossa.

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July 2, 2021
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