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Contributed by Mike McDermott

Caleb is the cousin of Monica Rambeau, a member of the Avengers who has gone by various code names including Captain Marvel, Photon and Spectrum. Caleb is a troubled young man who has difficulty keeping a job and who drinks too much. He also has an emotionally abusive boyfriend named Tyler. Caleb has alienated many of his family who have gotten tired of giving him money and who have decided he needs to fight his own demons in his own time. Monica still maintains a relationship with him, and tries to support him as best she can–although he is not always receptive to her efforts to help him.

During an incident where Monica was shifting between various alternate realities she encountered a couple of different versions of Caleb–one of whom was a young child, and another who was a more stable version of the adult Caleb, with children of his own. After returning to her proper reality Monica made a shift in her relationship with Caleb and started reaching out to him for emotional support with her own problems instead of it always being a one-way street.

Caleb is also a believer in Hoodoo and has sought assistance from a rootworker.

Caleb’s last name has yet to be revealed — it may be Rambeau like her cousin, but it was not specified what side of Monica’s family he is on.

Caleb first appeared in Monica Rambeau: Photon #1 by Eve Ewing, Ivan Fiorelli and Luca Maresca. Art by Fiorelli and Maresca. It is unclear if Caleb is gay or bisexual.

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December 20, 2023
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