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Bump Horror Anthology

Featuring LGBT characters and creators, BUMP contains 7 stories by 7 artists, each one wildly different in style and influence. From “Final Nail”, a story about a vampire mourning the loss of her wife, to “Escape”, a story drawn by queer artist Elizabeth Malette, BUMP #1 contains a variety of inclusive content.

Issue 1 will feature 7 B&W stories. Some stories will be comedic, some will be horrifying, some will be adorable, some will be depressing, but all of them will share the same goal of being kinda creepy.

The comic features stories that would be inappropriate for younger readers, so it’s recommended that anyone considers this before backing.

Each comic in the anthology will be written by Joseph S. Farrar and art split as follows:

Fear – by Joel Saavedra
The Pumpkingirl – by Gica Tam
The Night Watchman – by James Killian
Escape – by Elizabeth Malette
Judged – by J. Schiek
Trust Fall – by Rebecca Ollerton
Final Nail – by Barry Renshaw

The comic will feature a cover by artist Ryan Kelly, known for his work on Funrama, Lucifer, Saucer Country, Three, and a lot more! The guy’s incredible. An extras section will include things such as logo and cover concepts, initial character sketches, and small pin-up pieces from a couple of artists I like! We’ll have one from Ile Gonzalez (DC’s Super Sons OGNs) and another from Crystal Jayme (Oh Joy Sex Toy, Freakshow).

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June 6, 2021
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