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Brother To Dragons #2

Sorry, my host isn’t clear about using sexual images.

François Peneaud
Carlos Garcia
$7.99 (On sale for $6.99 as of posting date)
Class Comics

More sex, more mystery and even more sex in the much anticipated sequel of Brothers To Dragons.

When last this world was visited (read my review here, Alaï the slim, muscle stud country lad had left his peaceful country home in part to put his cheating boyfriend behind and had some hot sex along the journey before arriving at the home of his uncle and cousin in the city. Peneaud and Garcia also showed the reader quite an eyeful with another scene of Alaï and a young male temple acolyte worshiping, by which I mean having sweaty, “oh my god this is intense like it is in porn” sex because this is how some people in this world worship their deities. I suspect if churches were like this today they’d be rather full.

Sure, my brief description above focuses on the all the sex (that is the main reason you read Class books for, right?) that happened in the first issue, but one of the qualities that set “Brother” apart for me from the typical (and this is no slam at all on my part) erotic comic is the manner in which Peneaud fleshes out characterization and plot while showing us a new world that both surprises and is believable.Now with the second issue there’s as much if not more sex, story, and characterization. Yes, I know characterization doesn’t really come off sounding all that hot, but think about it. Jack Harkness is all the more captivating as an equal sexual opportunist because of the characterization and quirks John Barrowman brings to the character. Thankfully the writer and the artist return with the same outstanding qualities found in the first issue.

But first, would you like a synopsis?

Starting with the opening sequence Peneaud sets the good and evil halves. especially the evil, of the plot in motion. We learn that Alaï’s uncle is devious on top of being less than pretty and has connections with some cult. And not just any cult, but one that appears to be an evil rival to the Dragon cult, and with sexy Alaï somehow being pivotal to the cult leader’s nefarious plan. Now while creepy uncle Korjan is siding with the big baddy, Alaï and Jiky, the hunky guy from the first chapter, accidentally run into each other and decide to get up to another kind of no good with another round of man sex in an eye popping outdoor encounter. Afterward as Alaï aimlessly strolls home a lost, young boy named Giren quite literally runs into him and gets taken in for the night and who or what is the naked man-creature that comes a-spyin’. Sweet and naïve Alaï is blissfully unaware that his uncle has duplicitous reasons for sending him on errands. He’s much too happy to have another tryst with a lowly servant whose face isn’t nearly as easy on the eyes as the rest of his body is. This is one encounter that horny Alaï should’ve kept it in his trousers, all butt ugliness aside, and no, I won’t spoil what happened here. Big trouble looms ahead though! Garcia vividly draws how much fun waking up early can be with Jiky taking care of some morning wood in another sexual encounter, this time with Giren the lost boy’s father. Elion. And this leads into an extended tantric sex romp between Elion and Alaï that doubles as a plot development money shot style when Alaï’s true nature and power is partially revealed just in time for bear daddy Jiky to reappear. Come to think of it, things really seem to hinge on the twink and the bear.

As in the first installment, Peneaud continues with his worldbuilding. One instance is the attitude that a gay man can rescue and provide shelter to a young child like Giren without fear of recrimination. Another happens when Alaï accepts the suggestion of sex from the unattractive man.  Alaï hasn’t any hesitation at all based on the man’s looks; it’s sex for the sake of sex as far as Alaï is concerned, and not based on how attractive a person’s facial features are. One more example happens with Elion, the young DILF father of Giren, the child he rescued. In this world there aren’t any issues with a gay man having children. Nor does there seem to be any problems with alternative families since Elion lives in what presumably seems to be a communal household. And to top it off, Elion is polyamorous as seen in the scene with Jiky and later when he repays Alaï’s kindness to Giren by proving he’s a most dilfable DILF! And like just about everyone on True Blood, Elion has a big secret too! The playfulness that was apparent in the first issue between Alaï and Jiky is on display here too, whether it’s the same pair or other combinations. Playfulness seems to be a quality that Peneaud likes to include in his stories. I re-read his “The Gardener” short story in the new No Straight Lines, originally written for Young Bottoms In Love, and it had lots of humor and friskiness.

Carlos Garcia delights and excites the libido (and more) with his penciling and coloring again. All the men are tautly muscled (except for the villains, okay?) and range from the hairy, bearish Jiky, to the tall DILF Elion to smooth Alaï. Their junk is big like it should be while still being within the realm of possibility of a man you’d hope to hook up with. Garcia’s ability to draw sex scenes makes for some stuff that’s as eye catching as a porn video. Check out a few sample pages at the link below.

If you want an erotic comic that engages both your brain and your crotch then Brother To Dragons is recommended for you. Go to Class Comics to buy Brother To Dragons. Also available at Amazon.

March 7, 2015
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