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Brigid Roth

Brigid Roth is another character in the ensemble cast of the Injection series by Warren Ellis and Declan Shavley. Other characters in the ensemble cast include Maria Kilbride, Robin Morel, Vivek Headland, and Simeon Winters. Maria Kilbride recruited Roth to bring her vast knowledge of computers and technology to the Cross Cultural Contamination Unit. The mission of the CCCU is simple: to research potential futures and how people might be affected. Six months or so passed and it became apparent to the CCCU that the most likely option for the future was one in which it would become a boring and mundane time devoid of inspiration, novelty, and innovation. After deliberation the CCCU decides to act to keep the future interesting. The means by which they decide to achieve this ambitious gambit is to create an artifical intelligence and introduce it, known as the Injection, into the Internet. Each of the CCCU members went their separate ways after the Injection was accomplished but things go awry before long as can happen with best laid plans and all.

Roth has hacked into most of the computers across the globe and the International Space Station as well as sometimes turning off countries’ weapons systems for fun, secrets she admitted to her fellow colleagues. The Foundry, an advanced computer network, is concealed within a secret area of her home in Dublin. As impressive as the Foundry is, Roth’s major accomplishment is the creation of a front end weak artificial intelligence she imbued with Darwinian biology. Its responsive reasoning coupled with the fact that it wasn’t imitating a human frightened those people who knew of its existence. This learning machine was used as the foundation for the Injection; a decision by the group for which Brigid’s part weighs heavily on her conscience.

Brigid is a native of Dublin. She can present a no nonsense, hard shell exterior to others as seen when she called Simeon Winters’ on his lie of omission about being simply a strategist and she finds it annoying when Winters refers to her as his little sister. The mask, if you will, does drop. Brigid grieves and is in shock by the death of another person and is happy and proud about her accomplishments. Two panels in a scene from issue #8 give readers a peek at a naked Brigid and Maria together in bed.

This profile is based on Injection volumes 1 and 2 and may be updated after further reading of the series.

Brigid Roth’s first appearance is Injection #1.

Created by Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey.

All rights reserved Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey


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