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Braga is an Orc and member of the Peaches, another band of mercenaries operating out of the walled town of Palisades, which sometimes butts heads with the Rat Queens. She stands out in a crowd, not only for her height but also for personality which was often at odds among her own people and a large reason why she left them and is now referred to as “the Bastard” among them.

Before leaving the Orc homeland, Braga was the first born of the chief and next in line for succession. Orcs are by tradition if not nature a war like people. Braga’s father, the Orc chief, interpreted his eldest child’s ten victories as commander of Orc forces that the elder chief could transfer power and step aside while ensuring his clan’s dominance. While Braga led attacks and defended fellow Orcs, she could be perceived as performing a role expected of her by her father as she had frequently expressed a need for radical change in order to stop the long history of strife and violence which dominates Orc history and culture. These words and ideas fell on deaf ears as Braga learned the terms of surrender imposed by her father on their latest vanquished foes was slavery. Braga’s speech to her father that “blood is the only language” Orcs speak was in turn interpreted as irrefutable proof that Braga was weak and must be dealt with in order to ensure the clan’s supremacy. Braga’s brother decided to take action so that he could become ruler. His effort had both intended and unintended results and was the deciding factor in Braga self imposed exile. At some point following this departure, Braga transitioned from male to female.  How this happened is a story that Rat Queens creator Kurtis Wiebe has not yet decided to tell.

Braga has a belief in a greater good which was influenced by a love of books and reading. Before leaving the clan, she taught her closest friend Kiruk how to read. Words spoken by both Braga and Kiruk during an intimate conversation imply the possibility of romantic feelings on Braga’s part, if not mutually. Pickles the cat is Braga’s loving and demanding cat companion. As shown with the other Rat Queens characters, Braga has an active sex life.

Kurtis Wiebe used Braga’s birth name throughout the flashback sequence in a one shot devoted to the character.

Braga first appears in Rat Queens #1. Braga being trans is confirmed in the Braga Special. Art by Tess Fowler.

Created by Kurtis J Wiebe, Meg Dejmal, and Roc Upchurch. All rights reserved Kurtis J Wiebe and Roc Upchurch. Published by Image.

July 2, 2021
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